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How to make decorative vases and containers for the garden

For all well-known trailing gardens semiramidy are known. And in fact and you can have at yourselves on a site something similar. Actually it not so is complex, as it is represented at first sight. In fact such gardens are the simply huge containers showing surprising originality of the design approach to flower registration, because of what they and are considered till now as one of miracles of light (Fig. 17 ).

Whether it be the container or a vase, you can place them on any surface and in any place if you do not have garden. Vases with plants growing in them it is possible to arrange and near to the house, for example on a platform, moshchennoj tiles. Such way of cultivation and accommodation of plants, notwithstanding what its main function all the same decorative, has also other advantages before traditional. So, in the container you without effort will prepare a suitable mix for plants if the ground around does not approach for their normal growth and development, being heavy, it is bad drenirovannoj or sour.

We get on a summer residence a garden of fragrant colors

What you have created on the site, be it a magnificent flower bed or a harmonous garden, your creation should be filled by aromas of fragrant plants. Smells in a especially way influence the person. One of them raise mood, others are curative. There are exciting aromas or, on the contrary, calming.

Only one aroma you can create desirable aura of mood and if to it to add beauty and refinement of a flower composition on the site, you really take pleasure in results of the work. As plants with the aromas raising erotic feelings, long since considered a carnation, ljubistok and chubushnik.

Color scale of your site

Color in landscape design is considered as one of the basic art elements bringing in a landscape of a site special mood and giving originality.

Colors of a spectrum divide into some groups.

Warm and cold colors. To warm carry the red, orange and yellow colors making half of a spectrum; to cold — green, blue, dark blue, violet, forming second half of color circle.

How to make the Japanese garden at itself under windows

The nature of Japan, the mountainous country with rocks and streams, gentle slopes and lakes, became a basis for creation of the Japanese garden.

The Japanese garden differs the diminutiveness and borrows, as a rule, the small area of a site. All its elements are symbolical and filled by inner meaning. For example, paths, moshchennye in the form of waves on a sandy covering, symbolize the sea and coast. The big stone can become a rock or rock, and from plants here use dwarfish trees. Even to free space the role is allocated. It symbolizes infinity of the world, enables for a while to be released from ideas.

Let's talk about styles

For anybody not a secret, that the garden becomes an embodiment of beauty and refinement only in the event that it is sustained in one color scale and in the certain style. The garden decorated by set of complex and expensive elements, motley colors, but without taking into account main principles of landscape design, will look insipidly and is elaborate. To avoid it, it is necessary to have the basic representations about styles about what speech in following section will go.

We shall understand use of the certain combinations as style of a site vegetative ekzem-пляров, and also type of decorative registration.

Lay-out of a new site
The lay-out of a new site, choice of the location of a vegetative composition and other elements of registration is necessary for defining in view of major factors of growth and development of plants, structure of ground, climatic conditions. First of all it is necessary to plan the approximate plan of a site

The name of a plant occurs from the Greek word "floko", that in translation means "flame". On a legend, Odissej and seamen, going down in underground empire Aida, held flickering torches which shined with it a way in hands. When they have got out of a vault have thrown torches on the ground. They prorosli also have turned to flowers of a phlox in memory about courageous Odissee.

Choice of a site
As pleasantly happens in the evening to sit on uvitoj smelling sweet roses to a terrace or in besedke, to listen to singing birds, murmur of the decorative stream which has hidden in a grass, kvakane frogs in the pond located nearby and to inhale aroma dushitsy or lilacs. All this gives sensation of calmness and a pacification.

The book becomes desktop for those who wishes to transform the house and a site into the fine creation created on similarity of wildlife from plants, natural and artificial materials. Here you learn about main principles of construction of flower compositions in the form of flower beds, beds, miksborderov, lawns, etc.

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